Hello there! Welcome to the new ElysiumRP website! This is where you'll find the Forums, Lore, Ban Appeals, Applications, the Donation Store, and more! Hopefully you've already seen the short little teaser trailer that I made. If you haven't, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A01EAOe6YKI

The new Elysium will launch Thursday December 20th! The new ip will be: 'mc.elysiumrp.co'. In this post, I will explain everything and hopefully answer all of the questions that you may have. Sammo and I have been working on this project for months now. We make a great team together and we are very much on the same page about what's best for Elysium. Sammo has been the mastermind behind most of what you will see on the server. Ranging from Lore, to Roleplay Areas, to setting up the new server, Sammo has been the one to do all this. I do however have the most time to spend on Elysium in the future, and that is why I will be stepping in as the new owner of ElysiumRP, so that I can dedicate my time to introducing new things and updates. I don't see much changing, other than the fact that you might hear some of the announcements from me from now on.

For a while it has been apparent that Elysium needed something new and refreshing. And due to unfortunate circumstances, we were forced to look for a new host. Only updating the server wouldn't be enough and because of our host, it wasn't even possible; we had no access to any of the files of Elysium. This is why we needed to rethink how we wanted Elysium to be as a server. It is a very common thing for survival servers to start a new world every once in a while, but we understand that Elysium holds many memories, experiences and emotions. This is why, two years ago, Elysium introduced a new world, Fei, and kept the old world, Aria. Although this was nice, because we didn't have to let go of our fond memories of Aria, it still brought along some fundemental problems, such as the fact that Towny was now split up into two separate worlds and the fact that some plugins stopped working. This made things confusing and sometimes frustrating. For this server update, we simply didn't want to go down the same path, and even if we did, it wouldn't have been possible because of our old host. Our goal with this update, was to bring back the formula that once made Elysium such a great server, but with a new refreshing touch.

We will let go of Aria and Fei, and move to a new region called Tora. On the server, we will refer to the new Towny world as the Wilderness of Tora, since the players will settle in a yet unexplored area of Tora. Tora does, however, know places that have already been built in, such as the capital city: Arcton. And in the forests near Arcton, there is another area that will be accessable to players, called the Ruins.
Something I'll get out of the way immediately, is in what terms this can be considered a 'reset' or 'new server'. Again, since we do not have access to any of the old files from Elysium, things like inventory, money and in-game bought pets will not be brought over to the new server. Something that players will however definitely keep, are donations. I will explain more about that later in this post

Roleplay Areas
Arcton and Ruins will appear as the first two Roleplay Areas. Arcton is the capital city of Tora and is considered one of the most thriving cities of Elysium. Merchants from all over Tora come here to trade and to meet new people. This city will be the new /spawn, but the Roleplay Area will also be available through /arcton.
The Ruins, that is located near Arcton, is considered the first landmark built in the region of Tora. It is not known who made the place and what it was originally meant for, but it is now a popular spot for people to visit.
There will be more Roleplay Areas released over time. These areas are already in the works, but it is not yet clear how long it will take for them to get finished. Roleplay Areas from the previous Elysium will not return.

Another thing we are introducing is a Resource World, called Guldra. In Arcton, players can take a boat to Guldra, a region neighbouring Tora, that is known for its fertile grounds and big caves. It has a strange landscape with many mountains, which really makes it a miner's and farmer's delight. In Tora, we would like to prevent as much wilderness grief as possible, which is why we ask players to gather their resources in Guldra. This world will be reset every once in a while, which means it is very unlikely that we'll have to reset Tora.

A welcome change is the way we look at Vampirism, Lycanthropy and Undead beings. For years, they were counted as separate races. But, to be more consistent and accurate, we have changed them into Afflictions. Anyone afflicted by one of these three types will have a special tag that appears only in the Roleplay chat. This means that any race can aquire a tag like this. Selecting an affliction will therefore not change your racename, but it will change your disguise and spells!

Chat Channels
Something we've changed slightly is the chat system. On the previous version of Elysium, the Discussion chat did not work, and it wasn't always clear if Local was meant for Roleplay or also for other chatter. We're happy to say that Discussion works again, and that the Local channel will now be called the Roleplay channel. You will be able to use both '/rp' and '/l' to talk in this channel.

Other features
Elysium has used many different plugins in the past and we aren't planning on changing this. Things like Spells, Disguises, Pets, Brewery, Marrying, mcMMO, MPM, Special Mobs, etc. will all return. Something awesome that is coming back is the Shops plugin! Players will be able to make their own shops again! Something to add to the announcement is that the economy will be reset as well, which will be ideal for players who are interested in starting a shop. In the future, we will constantly be looking at new plugins that will enhance the Roleplay and Survival experience, though.
Something else worth mentioning, is PvP. Back in 2015, we had a plugin that would allow players to PvP. We are planning on releasing PvP areas, but that is something that will happen later on.

The official lore of ElysiumRP will be found under the Lore section on this website. At the moment, not yet everything has been posted on the website, because there is still some stuff left that I want to change! This will happen throughout the next week. After that, there will be more additions and updates to the official Lore, and we are definitely looking for people who would be interested in helping with that in the future. We aren't sure if this is something we will make an Application for, but if that is necessary, then sure.

Players will be able to request Admins to give their donations back. Due to our previous host, we cannot give them back automatically, but Admins will have access to all information about who donated what, and with a few commands you will have your donations back. Another thing to note, is that all the donations will stay the same, except for the spells packages. Those will be replaced by new ones, and in some cases you will be able to choose which spell pack you'd like to replace your old one with. There are over 50 new spells, and we're sure you will enjoy trying these new spell packs. We're also happy to say that all donation bought pets can be given back, they will however start at level 1 again.
Also, those who have donated at least 5GBP will still be able to request custom racenames. We do have a custom race application form for requesting completely new races. This will make the custom races way more consistent and we will always be able to check which racenames have already been accepted. You can find it by clicking on Applications > Player Race Application.

Server Events
Something fun that used to happen every month was the Ancient Dragon Event. This is something I'd like to bring back. Sometime after the update, I will let you know more about when these events will happen. There have not been any events in the works as of yet, but as soon as the server launches, this will be something we will definitely be focussing on. Roleplay Events would also be great to bring back. We will be looking at who's interested and suitable to work on those events.

The Discord chat channels will not be re-opened, mainly because we'd like to focus our attention on the Minecraft Server and the Forums. The Discord was mainly used for announcements, sharing of ideas and conversations, but the new website will hopefully be a great official platform for all of these things. We do think the voice chat feature of Discord is nice and we will look into reopening that.

The Old Elysium
The old server will still be up for at least the next couple of weeks, but players will be put into gamemode adventure. All rules will still apply on the old server; if you get banned there, you will also not be welcomed on the new Elysium. We want players to still be able to explore the worlds for a while, and we also want them to get the chance to save any of their builds using the Schematica mod. That way, they can decide to bring back some of their builds to the new Elysium.

The Staff Team
Last but not least, the staff team is an important part of Elysium. We totally understand that we need enough people to be available to help players. The main reason why having a big staff team has been difficult, is because we simply do not know beforehand how a certain player will act when they become a staff member. To solve this problem, we are introducing the Helper rank. Helpers are not staff members, they are considered trusted players! Helpers are available to assist players, answer questions and moderate chat and Roleplay. Players are expected to listen to Helpers at all times, unless a staff member says so otherwise. Next to the addition of the Helper rank, we have also made a new Staff Application form. You will be redirected to this form if you click on Applications > Staff Application. We will be actively reading your applications and this will be the only place where we look for new staff members. It is possible that we make someone a moderator straight away, but in most cases, suitable applicants will first be granted the Helper rank. The Application form will be open from this point onwards, so feel free to hand in an application there!

That is all for now. Through questions of players we will probably be able to release more information over the coming week. See you next thursday!

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